Various CEU Nursing Online Courses Available for Any Specialty

July 28, 2008

We know you’re busy pulling double shifts or just working 12 hour shifts sometimes seven days a week, so we have eliminated the hassle of registering for classes, buying books and attending class at inconvenient times. CEU4U has a myriad of ceu nursing online courses for your specialty or even learn how to de-stress at your job. Categories include: cardiovascular health, critical care, degenerative conditions, diabetes, emergency and trauma nursing, ethical, legal and compliance issues in nursing, holistic, home health care nursing, mental  health, military nursing, nursing assistant courses and the list continues. You have the choice of downloading and printing the ceu nursing online courses or doing them entirely online. Once you have finished the self-paced course, passed the test and completed the evaluation, you can print your own certificate and there you have your continuing education credit! CEU nursing online courses range from one to three credits and you can take as many as you need to fulfill your requirements – all at your own pace.


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Benefits and Barriers Associated with Continuing Education Online

June 20, 2008

Continuing education online offers students and professionals alike a wealth of new opportunities. There are a number of benefits and barriers that must be taken into consideration before enrolling yourself into a continuing education online course, lets take a look at a few of them.

A number of adults currently employed with steady jobs have chosen to go back to school whether in a traditional classroom or with a continuing education online course for a number of reasons.

Reasons and Benefits Adults Choose to Continue Their Education

  • To gain a sense of personal accomplishment – They feel by enrolling or re-enrolling into a school to continue their education, whether it is for a masters or PHD or for an accreditation license, will help them succeed in their current job.
  • An opportunity for promotion in current job – Individuals who enrolled in continuing education online courses claim it was influenced by an opportunity to be promoted. Promotions within your given field will often lead to increases in pay and responsibility.
  • To gain the respect and admiration of their friends, family and coworkers – A higher degree or accreditation license will be evidence for the people around you that you take your life and career seriously, and you are willing to work hard and do what it takes to make sure you reach your professional goals.

Despite the benefits and fulfillment that are associated with continuing your education, there are a large number of barriers that can prevent many individuals from taking the steps to enroll in a continuing education program.

The largest barrier for potential individuals is finding and allocating enough time for their studies. Schoolwork takes time to complete and unfortunately for some, the time needed is something that they claim they just don’t have. Between work and families a number of potential students find the time commitment to be too taxing and end up passing on a wonderful opportunity.

Another barrier viewed by individuals is money because the majority of individuals who decide to continue their education are over the age of 25 it is likely that they are living on their own. Living on your own means paying all their own bills, and with so many other expenses in their lives education takes a backseat to more important finances.

The final barrier that potential students view as being a hindrance in continuing their education is still being able to provide for themselves and their families while they are enrolled. Attending class takes time, which means time away from family and poses difficulty for some to evenly distribute their time between their other commitments.

Despite the perceived barriers, continuing education online is an excellent idea for any individual who feels they can excel with their current job, or could make more money. Continuing education online is an excellent option for those who want the benefits of a higher education without the time constraints required from a traditional classroom setting. Check out how CEU4U can help you get started towards a more successful career with just the click of a mouse.

Online CE Courses Should Be Accredited

June 10, 2008

Online CE courses should be from an accredited school or college. Employers want assurance that employees have qualified accredited courses to meet minimum requirements for job advancement opportunities and to remain up to date within their profession. Numerous “Diploma and Accreditation Mills” claim they are associated with a specific college or university but offer little if any proof.


The most important reasons for acquiring accreditation from any online continuing education program are employers review employees educational history for possible career advancement, federal and state student financial aid funds are for effective and quality education, students and professionals feel they have achieved a positive learning outcome as well as valuable skills to use in their careers.